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Our office is the home office of Dr. Brian Hong, Dr. Soo K. Song, Dr. HaeJin Kang, and Dr. Christine Kim. They have specialized in working with children and providing them the best care possible for over 25 years. Because our office is limited to children, we are able to equip ourselves with the latest technology and staff our practice with dental professionals who are highly trained to work with kids.

We are experienced at communication, positive behavioral approaches, and other techniques used to promote a positive attitude toward the proper establishment of trust and confidence that will last a lifetime. We all work together to provide your children the finest care dentistry has to offer.

Therefore, you can rest assured that when you choose our office, you are guaranteed to give your children a great time at the dentist while still getting them the best care.

Dr. Brian Y. Hong

Dr. Hong received his dental degree University of Southern California, where he would later complete his pediatric residency. His priorities are making sure your children are taken well care of and feel comfortable during their visit.

Dr. Soo K. Song

Dr. Song completed her pediatric residency from NYU Langone – Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego. She has served as an assistant professor of Clinical Dentistry, as the chief resident at Rady Children’s Hospital, and as a behavioral therapist for children with autism.

Dr. HaeJin Kang

Dr. Kang completed her pediatric residency from NYU Langone – Brooklyn Hospital. She uses a combination of professional excellence and a compassionate demeanor to provide your children with excellent dental care and habits that will last them a lifetime.

Dr. Christine Kim

Dr. Kim completed her pediatric residency from Loma Linda University where she also earned her Master of Science in Dentistry degree. When she is not treating children, she is teaching as an Adjust Assistant Professor of Clinical Dentistry at USC.

A Full Commitment to Your Children

Children have completely different emotional and physical needs. Our pediatric dental practice and personnel can cater specifically to the emotional and physical state your child is in. Every single aspect of our pediatric dental office, from our special office design, dental chairs and instruments to our communication style, has been carefully implemented to ensure a pleasant experience for your child and family.

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